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Rockhard Coatings

Rockhard is the name of a range of coatings that is still being developed after 40 years. This family of protective coatings is particularly effective on magnesium and aluminum alloys. It is also used on steel, titanium and other metals. Rockhard coatings are highly resistant to weathering and a wide range of chemicals up to 450F. Ideal for curing microporosity in magnesium, they also are resistant to re-chromating and re-anodizing.

New uses and markets are still being found for these incredibly versatile chemical and erosion resistant products. Here are some product applications that utilize Rockhard coatings:

  • Helicopter Skins
  • Aircraft Undercarriages
  • Components for Space Capsules
  • Guided Missiles
  • Computers
  • Torpedo Tubes
  • Jet Engine Interiors
  • Fuel Pump Diaphragms
  • Heat Exchangers
    (allowing Aluminum to replace copper)
  • Flexible Fuel Tanks
  • Collapsible Tube Interiors
  • Car and Truck Engines

For expert application of the Rockhard family of coating products, contact:
Colonial Coatings serves primarily the aerospace industry (airframe and power plant) in both the military and commercial sectors. Colonial Coatings also provides service to the commercial after market as a Certified FAA Repair Station.

Rockhard 985-111-800 clear stoving enamel is one of the best protective coatings for metals, particularly aluminum and magnesium. Used where maximum protection is needed on aluminum, steel, titanium, and magnesium for protection against marine and other harsh environments. Learn more.

Surface sealing with Rockhard 961-450-002 and Rockhard 576-450-002 thermo-setting clear stoving enamel has proven its worth over 4 decades, as one of the best protective coatings for metals to erosion, corrosion, including salt water and chemical resistance at elevated temperatures particularly on aluminum and magnesium. Rockhard is very effective at curing microporosity in magnesium. Learn more.

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