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Industrial Products

Indestructible Paint provides a growing assortment of coatings for the metals industry, including products for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Additionally, IPI supplies the plastics industry with a wide range of products. Industrial products include:

  • clear acrylic polyurethane lacquers
  • brass and copper finishes
  • zinc rich air drying primer for building maintenance
  • finishes for thermoplastic and thermo-set resins

2 Pack Epoxy Range
50000 low VOC range

2 Pack Polyurethane
37000 2 Pk Acrylic Clear Lacquers

Air Drying Systems
AD Air Drying Spraying Range

Brass & Copper Finishes
HP Brass Lacquers
30000 Air Dry Brass Lacquers
30000 Pigmented
31000 Stoving Brass Lacquers

Building Maintenance
IP9016 Zinc Rich Air Drying Primer

Finishes for Metals
40013 1 Pack Etch Primer
42000 2 Pack Epoxy
50000 2 Pack Epoxy
IP9036 400 C Black

Finishes for Plastics (Thermoplastic)
33000 Acrylic A-D for Plastics
37000 2 Pk Acrylic Clear Lacquer
37000 2 Pk Acrylic Colours
40004-45000 Polypropylene Primers
43000 Acrylic A-D for Plastics
48000 2 Pk Polyurethane Finishes
51000 UV Lacquers

Finishes For Plastics (Thermosets)

IPslip Dry Film Lubricants
IPSlip 520
IPSlip 9286

Stoving Systems
34000 Epoxy Stoving Finishes

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