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The Ipcote range was originally introduced at the request of Rolls-Royce Aero Engines for use as a high corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant coating for use on compressor blades and allied engine parts as a commercially available alternative to a proprietary range of imported US products. Subsequently, the coating range has been adopted by a large number of additional manufacturers of aero engines and industrial gas turbines, as well as being introduced as a cadmium replacement on undercarriages and fasteners.

Initially the range was purely based on inorganic technology, which by their very nature contained both trivalent and hexavalent chrome.Recent introduction of environmental and safety legislation has highlighted the use of chrome containing products. Whilst the levels of hexavalent chrome in most of the products are minimal, in most cases below all current environmental limits, there are ongoing developments to remove all chrome compounds. We can now offer a single component chrome free coating, based on organic chemistry, and thus containing solvents, which has been tested to Rolls-Royce MSRR 9253. In addition we are testing with clients, a chrome free inorganic basecoat.

Specification Product No.

MSRR 9140, OMAT 7/B, PCS2550, LB598, ITP SMM-903 IP9183-R1
LB598, CPW88 IP9442
MSRR 9356, ITP SMM-919 IP9356-R1
MSRR 9140, OMAT 7/168B, LB598, ITP SMM-903, PCS2550 IP9184 (Green/Khaki)
MSRR 3010 IP9444
PWA595 IP1949
CPW563 J900
MSRR 1041 IP1041
MSRR 9141, OMAT 7/47, ITP SMM-914 PL177-R1
MSRR 9394, OMAT 87/169A, ITP SMM-915 PL270

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