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International Aero Engines V2500 COMAT

As a primary supplier of products specified in the COMAT Overhaul Manual, Indestructible Paint offers a vast array of aerospace consumables. These include:

  • Epoxy primers
  • Low-shrinkage high-temperature sealants
  • Dry-film lubricants
  • Epoxy finishes
  • Rapid air-drying marking paints
  • Metal protective varnishes
  • Epoxy coating systems
  • Non-ferrous protective lacquers
  • Thinners
  • Surface inspection fluid
  • Erosion and heat-resistant coatings
  • Jointing compound
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Tamper-evident vibration adhesive
  • Heat-resistant tapes
  • Metal spray powder
  • Metal spray wire
  • Plasma spray powder
  • And hundreds of other products

For a listing of specific products, select a section below:

CoMat Section-01
CoMat Section-03
CoMat Section-05
CoMat Section-07
CoMat Section-10
CoMat Section-02
CoMat Section-04
CoMat Section-06
CoMat Section-08
CoMat Section-12

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